Here are a few of the films that we screened at Indie Oaks Film Festival 2016. Enjoy!

Best Picture, Best Cinematography: MILKMAN by Garrett Kennell

MILKMAN from Garrett Kennell on Vimeo.

Audience Choice: Cole the Robot by Benjamin Wilson

Second Place, Best Editing: Of Duckpins And Destinies by Andy Kelemen and Mike Rubino

Of Duckpins and Destinies from the works of andy kelemen on Vimeo.

Best Art Direction: The Immaculate Reception by Charlotte Glynn (MATURE CONTENT):
Best Actor: Deema Aitkin, The Immaculate Reception

The Immaculate Reception from charlotte glynn on Vimeo.

Winner Best Actress: RESTART by Justin Louis-Murrell:
Best Actress: Adriana Alphonso, RESTART

NAKAMA by Darin DiNapoli:

LAST MAN STANDING by Gafftape and a Prayer:

THE PACKAGE by Kevin Hejna:

GALA by Mike Smith

Official Selections Not Available Online:

AVA by David Randolph
FIFTH COLUMN by Anthony Peduzzi
AFFECT: Or, the Second Great Depression by Kelsey Wilkins (WINNER: Best Writing, Best Director)
BAD DRUGS by Ian Altenbaugh
GRAND THEFT by Brian Brennfleck