What can I say about the sad and the hungry?

It’s a three-minute experimental short film by Balint Oltivai and Sethi Rishi featuring the confoundingly committed acting stylings of Patrick Stanny (though, any psychologist worth their salt would probably say that Oltvai and Rishi ought to be the ones committed).

In what can only be described as a saucy spaghetti western fever dream, we hope the audience will find entertainment, meaning, and creative tension. Cinematographer Angelo Re expands, “We loved the idea of experimenting with the “spaghetti-western” form. We also had certain resources in front of us, including a picturesque barn, portraits of cowboys and a pretty convincing cowboy costume. We decided to utilize those resources to create a visually stimulating story. Additionally, our lead actor, Patrick Stanny, has a special relationship with horses: he’s allergic to them.”

Director Richi Sethi explains, “Our goal for the film was to experiment with different techniques of evoking atmosphere, story, theme, and emotion. There was intentionality behind all our filmmaking choices, but viewers can find different meanings that we don’t want to step on. We’re genuinely curious as to different reactions and interpretations, which can run a gamut of social, political, and psychological theories.”

The genuine strangeness of this experimental (literal) spaghetti western is not lost on Re, “When you have five different 20-somethings all working on creating a concept in just a few days, it tends to be difficult to decide on one communal idea. Once we nailed a concept down, we faced additional challenges when shooting — like getting kicked out of Pat’s parents’ house after six hours.”

Confused? We were, too. It has something to do with allergies.

Re is hopeful, ” We are extremely grateful to be screening alongside other Pittsburgh filmmakers whom we have collaborated with on many projects. It’s exciting to get the indie community all in one room to watch each other’s work. Hopefully, we surprise people with our experimental (spaghetti-western) film.”

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