Our Indie Oaks lineup dotes even more variety as Abby Fudor and Liz Labacz take the stage with “The Reunion”. “This film was initially a sketch for stage,” writer, producer and comedic actress Labacz relays. “Doing a live sketch, you can ask a lot more of the audience in regard to suspension of disbelief (for location, props, costumes, etc.) but being on location also opened up so much space to play and explore that it was worth clearing that hurdle.”

What do you think a high school reunion looks like… if you were home schooled? Labacz recounts how she and Fudor concocted the twisty plot to its short film version, “Frankly Scarlett generally works to highlight women in comedy, so a story about two highly accomplished young women is right in our wheelhouse,” Labacz explains. “[I] also went to high school with a young woman who had been home schooled and was, in many ways, the inspiration for Olive and Ruby, specifically touring Europe giving harp recitals.”

The road to The Oaks is a fantastic stroll as the ladies prepare for Indie Oaks. “We adore The Oaks as such a great anchor of the film and arts community in Pittsburgh and it is so exciting to be a part of this fabulous indie festival,” states Labacz. “Frankly Scarlett delights in pushing ourselves. While this isn’t our first, it is definitely our most ambitious, and it was so rewarding, coming from a theater and improv background, to tinker with how we approach comedy in different media.”

This is one valedictorian speech you CANNOT miss, April 15 at Indie Oaks Film Festival.
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