A movie gets extra points for effort when it’s a musical… but to fully produce it in 2 days?? Director PJ Gaynard divulges, “We made our film in 48 hours for Pittsburgh’s 48 Hour Film Project on no sleep, fueled by musical dreams… My dream was to make a musical that featured day drinking, facebook, boyfriend sharing, Carnegie PA, and second rate dance moves. WE WERE SUCCESSFUL.”

In our story, protagonist Tara reconnects with old BFF Kristen who presents a plan to revisit old times and share a boyfriend again. Singing ensues!

But the film wasn’t just a walk in the park or singing in the rain (In fact, inspiration was more closely related to a raunchier comedy: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show changed my life.” -Gaynard), the 2-day crunch had its hills and valleys. “Take all the normal challenges and compress time completely,” Gaynard begins to explain, “then make music. Then record it. Then go straight to set without sleeping. Shoot 22 hours, then go straight to editing. So we just didn’t sleep. Sleep is stupid and not necessary at all! Right? Also, we took over Carnegie. We got locations we shouldn’t have been able to get. Like businesses on their anniversary of being open, in the middle of their anniversary party!”

How did it all come together so well? “The teamwork,” Gaynard confirms. “I love being part of the team, helping to create new friendships. I love creating art together. I loved helping to make a musical, even though I really am not a singer or musician. I still helped!”

As for what Gaynard is looking forward to most at Indie Oaks: “Seeing Ruthy. God, she’s amazing. Lance is nice too.

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