In 2017, the political atmosphere is thick. Questions about which side we stand on are presented with every conversational topic. Director Maxwell Cianci and producer Zachary S. Brown took the subject head on while still finding a foundation in themes that are relevant to families outside election year, “A struggle between a father and his son was something that I could understand and a story I knew I could tell,” Cianci explains. Brown adds, “How does a father deal with the news his son is gay? In addition to asking that question, adding a political theme to it added so much relevance and helped raise the stakes of our story.”

Main character Frank Marshal is running for Pennsylvanian governor [R.] when his gay son’s private life is spilled on sensational TV. The script, including large political arenas, multiple extras and a very down-to-Earth tone to the film had Cianci’s and Brown’s work cut out for them. Brown relays, “The biggest challenge for us was definitely creating as realistic of an environment as possible for this story… It’s especially hard because as a student film crew, it’s sometimes hard to make people who don’t understand what it takes to make a movie to take you seriously. But in the end, thankfully everything worked out.”

Cianci and Brown, both studying at Point Park University, cite the learning experience this project presented. “My favorite part about making this film,” Ciani describes, “was being able to spend time and learn from some of the most talented filmmakers and artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

As he considers the screening of their film at Indie Oaks, Brown includes, “I’m looking forward to hearing what others think about our film. It’s something our entire crew is proud of and we can’t wait to have others see it. For most of us, it’s our first major project and we look forward to meeting other filmmakers in the area and making our mark.”

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