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Due to the unexpected popularity of Indie Oaks Film Festival, we were swamped with hundreds of submissions from all over the world during our 2016 season!

Gratefully, our volunteers spent many hours reviewing every submission and planning the program to help make Indie Oaks 2016 a huge success! So, in order to make this festival the best it can be with the limited resources we have, we are charging a small submission fee of $10 (students: $7) to help cover the costs of operating this community passion project. Thank you for your support and understanding!

After paying via Paypal, please be sure to finish your submission by clicking “Submit A Film” at the bottom. Then, please check your spam folder for a submission receipt.

Remember, selected films are entitled to 2 tickets to the event, as well as the opportunity to win cash prizes. We thank you for the care, effort, and investment that you’ve undertaken to make YOUR film a reality. We don’t take any submission for granted.

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understand that Indie Oaks Film Festival will strongly prefer film submissions for which the director or other key creators will be present and able to attend the festival and accompanying Q&A Session on April 15th at 6:30 pm in Oakmont, PA.

I understand that PA Student filmmakers will be asked to present a current student ID at the box office. Student filmmakers from outside of PA, will please email proof of enrollment to after completing this submission

If selected, who will attend Indie Oaks Film Festival on April 15th, 2017 to represent your film? Check all that apply.
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FOR AWARDS CONSIDERATION: Please provide a complete list of credits for the cast, crew, and creators of this film, or an up-to-date IMDB link with the complete information. Please double check names and credits, so that we may recognize everyone who contributed to your film.

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