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Featuring The Best Short Films (Pittsburgh and Beyond) // SATURDAY - ARPIL 15th, 2017

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“Bergeron Brothers” by BPO Films

“We found that other video professionals take their jobs much too seriously to the point of nervous breakdowns, which we find hilarious,” director Blake O’Donnell opens the floor. Can these blogs be filled with my favorite crying-laughing emoticons?… XD… There,… Continue Reading →

“See You” by Simon Barracchini

“When it came to the subject behind ‘See You’ it wasn’t by my choosing, in fact, I wish I hadn’t come across the subject behind it, but inevitably it chose me,” Simon Barracchini explained when asked to recount the inspiration… Continue Reading →

“The Elephant In The Room” by Max Cianci

In 2017, the political atmosphere is thick. Questions about which side we stand on are presented with every conversational topic. Director Maxwell Cianci and producer Zachary S. Brown took the subject head on while still finding a foundation in themes… Continue Reading →

“The Perfect Friend Request” by Goat Milk Fudge Productions

A movie gets extra points for effort when it’s a musical… but to fully produce it in 2 days?? Director PJ Gaynard divulges, “We made our film in 48 hours for Pittsburgh’s 48 Hour Film Project on no sleep, fueled by musical… Continue Reading →

“Love & Goodwill” by Kelly Tran

“Originally, the title of the film was to be “He is Goodwill” because I wanted to emphasize the idea that the things you find at Goodwill are pieces of a person,” director Kelly Tran explains, discussing the journey her title… Continue Reading →

“Soup Or Salad” by Mina Hoffman

Color, sound and comedy are in full force with the stylistic production that structures “Soup or Salad”. Director Mina Hoffman explains that her film’s purpose is rooted in the laughs, “I’ve always been drawn to light-hearted material. Sweeping dramas are… Continue Reading →

“One Man’s Loneliness” by Andrew Mingyar

“The story originally came from my lack of actor resources. I was only able to get one for this, so that made me think of a lonely, isolated film,” director Andrew Mingyar recounts as he considers the central subject of… Continue Reading →

“J.P.” by Zack Williams

“J.P.” by Zack Williams kicks off our filmmaker features with a short and sweet tale about a boy and his fish. Zach Williams, director and main character (J.P.-the-fish’s owner), discusses the main themes of his micro short and what it… Continue Reading →

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We are thrilled to announce that Indie Oaks Film Festival is BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. (Wahoo!) Please join us at the beautiful, historic Oaks Theater on Saturday, April 15th, 2017 to watch Pittsburgh’s best short cinematic films. Remember how much… Continue Reading →

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