The ancient battle between man and lawn is vicious in Nathan Fullerton’s epic micro short. “While I was filming it, I had the Ride of the Valkyries in my head,” tells Fullerton, “so I was going for Wagnerian Epic scope.”

A tug between comedy and action flick, “Man vs. Lawn” takes a chore and turns it into an enjoyable face-off including casualties of war (the slashed weeds!) and the spoiled victors. “It really cracked me up that Pugsley was a total diva about using the back yard,” Fullerton says about his adorable, supporting cast member: pug pup, Pugsley. “If the grass was too high he would pause at the edge of sidewalk and give me this ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ look and then he’d carefully navigate his way around the yard, avoiding all the tall patches or jump over them while looking deeply aggrieved.”

Fullerton found an ease to not having to command a large cast and crew (“And I never once had to say ‘Quiet on the set!’” –Fullerton), but the film did not come without some sweat. “It was tricky running the camera myself while actually mowing for real, there was lots of careful balancing of the crane and some fishing line involved…  And keeping myself on focus was an exciting challenge, too!” Fullerton exclaims. “Making a just-chopped-down weed stand up straight again for a second take was also an interesting challenge…  “

The improved and masterfully shot short had a very genuine purpose, though. “I finally had the epiphany that the REAL reason that I should mow the thing is so that my family can enjoy it,” realized Fullerton. “Somehow, in my fierce resistance to all things lawn-care related (due to the childhood trauma of mowing a multi-acre lawn…), that had never occurred to me!”

Who will be victorious: man or lawn? See on April 15 at Indie Oaks Film Festival.
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