Director Joseph Bucci has a very straight-forward answer when asked about the exciting journey he might have taken while making his film “Bully”, “I really just wanted to tell a story that had a lot of meaning to me, so I took up a cause I can really get behind and put my soul into.”

“Bully”, at first glance, seems like an action and survival story of a nameless, kidnapped woman fighting to stay alive in a concrete cell and fight ring. When the metaphor is revealed, the reality of this unthinkable situation sinks in… but we’ll let you see the film to figure out what’s behind this victim-and-captor situation.

“Usually I have some sort of director I study before I make a film and try to add a little of their style into the film,” explains Bucci. Bucci is known in the Pittsburgh scene for film-fest favorites like “Reckless” filled with suspense, violence and action. “For ‘Reckless’, I really tried to blend a Spielberg and Fincher vibe. For this one, I really didn’t do that. I just wanted to tell the story in the best way I could. A note.”

Like a lot of independently sourced films, “Bully” was on a tight budget of time. “My amazing crew only had two days to shoot this, and we actually had to cut two scenes and a couple shots I really wanted. My crew pushed through and made an amazing film! I really couldn’t have done this with out them,” states Bucci. “This is the first time this will screen! So I guess you can call this the premiere! Only about 5 or 6 people have seen the film including key crew members. I’m really hoping that the pay off isn’t ruined … Haha. It’s an unexpected payoff, and really drives the point home. “

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