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Indie Oaks is a Pittsburgh-based film festival. (The “Indie” in our name means that we are seeking to unite audiences with independent, promising filmmakers and to promote collaboration among independent filmmakers.  The “Oaks” refers to our home: The Oaks Theater in Oakmont, PA — the beautiful, historic, retro-chic movie palace situated on Allegheny River Boulevard — a breezy slice of suburban paradise 20 minutes northeast of Pittsburgh).

To those ends — promoting indie film  and promoting Indie Film within the Pittsburgh area — we have a preference for films that were produced somewhere within the greater region of Pittsburgh, OR — films from all over the US by filmmakers who have strong ties to Pittsburgh.


Indie Oaks Film Festival is operated by a small group of Pittsburgh creatives and filmmakers looking to support other like-minded people in and around our fair city. If you’d like to feature your short film in this year’s screenings, please join us. You can’t win if you don’t submit!