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Featuring The Best Short Films (Pittsburgh and Beyond) // SATURDAY - ARPIL 15th, 2017


April 2017

“Promenade” by Jess Paul

For her directorial debut, Jess Paul sought to capture a slice of life. Jess Paul is best known as an actress in the feature film “Brew House” and the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Selection, “The Immaculate Reception”. Her charming microshort,… Continue Reading →

“The Sad and the Hungry” by Rishi Sethi

What can I say about the sad and the hungry? It’s a three-minute experimental short film by Balint Oltivai and Sethi Rishi featuring the confoundingly committed acting stylings of Patrick Stanny (though, any psychologist worth their salt would probably say… Continue Reading →

“Man vs. Lawn” by Nathan Fullerton

The ancient battle between man and lawn is vicious in Nathan Fullerton’s epic micro short. “While I was filming it, I had the Ride of the Valkyries in my head,” tells Fullerton, “so I was going for Wagnerian Epic scope.”… Continue Reading →

“Bully” by Joseph Bucci

Director Joseph Bucci has a very straight-forward answer when asked about the exciting journey he might have taken while making his film “Bully”, “I really just wanted to tell a story that had a lot of meaning to me, so… Continue Reading →

Why Indie Oaks? An Open Letter to Our 2017 Selectees

“And since Indie Oaks last year I’ve been to just about every fest Pittsburgh has, and Indie Oaks remained the strongest for both lineup and networking… It really does bring together the beating heart of the local scene.” These words… Continue Reading →

“A Funny Man” by Benjamin T. Wilson & Peter Regan

Imagine that you somehow gather the courage to pick up the phone and call a suicide hotline. But, just as you are staring down the barrel of your own gun, pleading for help, the person on the other end of… Continue Reading →

“The Reunion” by Frankly Scarlett Productions

Our Indie Oaks lineup dotes even more variety as Abby Fudor and Liz Labacz take the stage with “The Reunion”. “This film was initially a sketch for stage,” writer, producer and comedic actress Labacz relays. “Doing a live sketch, you can… Continue Reading →

“My Grandpa’s Garage” by Adrienne Wagner

Director Adrienne Wagner developed her love of filmmaking after converting her family’s collection of video tapes to digital format she could keep for a long time after she moved away from home in Indianapolis. “I have always been drawn to films… Continue Reading →

“Butterfly” by Locust Street Entertainment

We watch in anticipation as Chelsea’s dad watches in anticipation. Chelsea races for her life in the Olympic swim event, the Butterfly. “I guess it was a matter of trying to explore universal themes,” director Lance Parkin recalls. “The sports… Continue Reading →

“Stage 5” by Mike Smith

The music swells as Sasha jogs through trees, the bird’s eye shot revealing a vast green field before she falls to the ground, clutching her ears and head. Sasha has explained to us: ‘Tonight I’m going to die… or go… Continue Reading →

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